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Because 10 minutes is a looong time in the metaverse. TLDR Version below.

The Fight for Digital Currency Supremacy

What’s In A Name?

Of all the names to give a new digital currency ‘Libra’ is probably not the best. The Chinese version — the DCEP or CBDC arguably are not much better.

For a start — as any Roman will tell you a Libra Pondo is a roman unit of measurement that later…

The Fight for Digital Currency Supremacy

You may not have noticed but a giant digital global boxing fight has just begun and we’re about to go 14 rounds. There will be blood.

#107 The Weaver of Rimbo. A 10 Carat Digital-Collectible Diamond. A classic BlockMark Gem.

Best Friends Forever?

It turn’s out that Diamonds Aren’t a Girl’s BF after all… It was all just a slogan invented in 1938 by the advertising agency N.W Ayer in the age of Mad Men to boost sales…Who knew?

And we marrying-kind of men from the 40’s onwards, fell for it hook, line…

Not all Gems are equal. Some have blood on them, Some are very difficult to resell, some are purposely fake or synthetic, others are just fake. For us the best types of Gems are the brand new category of blockchain backed Digital Collectible Art Gems.

Welcome to the launch of…


Gem Collector Since ’18

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